University of Gdańsk
The Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Journalism
invites you to
an international interdisciplinary conference:

Is There Anything Like
Moral Character & Virtue?

Gdańsk, 10-11 May 2013

Contemporary virtue ethics is one of the most common ethical theories. The turn of the 20th century witnessed the height of its development as well as the moment of its most intensive criticism, inspired by results of research in the social psychology. Virtue ethicists promote moral education through the formation of morally good features of character – ethical virtues. High moral qualities of an agent help to ensure morally good action. However, situationistic critics of virtue ethics (Gilbert Harman, John Doris, Maria Merritt, Peter Vranas) claim that what most importantly influences human behavior is not moral character but a situation, in which one has been placed by his or her fate. Situationists generally question the existence of a constant and consistent character or its dispositions. They maintain that moral psychology, presupposed by Aristotelian ethics, and essentially adopted by contemporary virtue ethicists, is empirically inadequate; it finds no confirmation in the latest scientific research.

The aim of the conference is to face the situationistic criticism, its main question being whether there exists anything that could be called a moral character and virtue.

Our keynote speakers are philosophers actively taking part in the contemporary debates over moral character and virtue ethics, authors of widely known books and papers devoted to the subject:

Rachana Kamtekar

Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona.More...

Nancy E. Snow

Professor of Philosophy at Marquette University.More...

Christian Miller

Associate Professor of Philosophy at Wake Forest University. More...

Michael J. Winter

Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of St. Thomas.More...